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I've Been Fired!  (from every job I've ever had)

Mix the dry humor of David Sedaris with a splash of Joan Didion's disillusioned angst and the honest hopelessness of Charles Bukowski, and this story will make you laugh and cry out loud.

“So, how does a creative person survive, much less succeed, working a routine job? And I don’t mean a career; I’m talking about the day-in-day-out, mundane jobs that suck the lifeblood out of people.”

This book is an often-familiar story about a creative person striving to make ends meet while pursuing her passion for writing and theatre. As told through the eyes of a struggling playwright in an often hilarious and dramatic style, Hardy views her years of strife as fodder for a book about failure yet finding a life purpose in pursuing a dream and discovering true confidence and self-respect. An authentic glimpse into how one artist managed to earn a living while chasing her dream, even at the cost of financial security, feelings of failure, and her self-confidence. Hardy’s insight into constantly being fired, refusing to be a victim, and continuing her journey is honest, insightful, and refreshing. Her past employers include movie studio executives, well-known Hollywood celebrities, and even a cult. It’s an improbable story written as only a true drama queen could, with deep insight and perception, often conveying her gallows humor and abiding flair for tragedy.  


Kitty Claws and the Magic of Dreaming

Cats and kittens are trapped in the cat shelter on Christmas Eve, waiting to be adopted.  They hope and dream that Kitty Claws will save them, by finding them the home of their dreams.  Meanwhile, across town, people who are in search of the perfect cat or kitten for Christmas look to Santa Claus to bring them the pet of their dreams.  Soon they all discover that, it’s actually their courage to dream in the face of despair that creates the real magic and perfect home.

Sing with Angels

A short story about the head of a foster-care agency, searching for a home for a young child whose mother has died.  She soon discovers that her own inability to reach the child also hinders her decision about the family to place her in. 

Imagine Freedom

A short story or monologue about freedom as defined by well-known people such as John Lennon and Martin Luther King, and the inspiration of discovering the existence of freedom inside yourself.

Travels of a Tragedy Queen

A young woman in the 1980’s quits her high paying corporate job to pursue a career as a writer.  She embarks on a journey in her Volkswagen van with her small dog, traveling across the United States and encounters unique connections and experiences that point her toward her new passion of being a writer.  The book covers the struggles, successes and triumphs of what it takes to follow your dream. 

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