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Additional Plays by Molly Hardy

Flying Asian Carp Project

Hardy's short play, Flying Asian Carp is a one-act comedy about an internet dating service (, and a date with an investment opportunist that goes very wrong.

God Save the Queen

Hardy’s one-act comedy about God and her gay assistant Edward work together to create the struggles and rewards for human beings at the beginning of time.

Hey God! We Need To Talk

A 10-minute play about a woman’s conversation with God, questioning his choices made for human beings.  Recently produced for the Relationship Theatre in NYC.

I Want A Divorce

A short play about a woman’s unhappiness with America, and her unwillingness to accept the status quo.

Yes I Can

A 10-minute comedy about a retail clerk at Bloomingdales, and the trials and tribulations dealing with inept management as well as demanding customers.

Award of the State

A play of monologues written in collaboration with foster youth based on their life experiences.  Gang affiliation, autism, hope, the importance of friends, and coming to terms with the death of a parent culminate in the understanding that it takes courage to reach out to others.

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